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At Eadens Hermitage , you will enjoy the hospitality of an enterprising couple Dr.Aniyan Thomas and Renu. Dr.Thomas is a practicing doctor and a family physician always available to take care of your health during your stay there. Renu is an educated housewife who excels in cooking traditional Kerala home food especially the famous Kerala Christian variety and always ready to impart cooking lessons to the guest.

They belong to " Mundukottackal " , an ancient Syrian Christian family whose forefathers migrated from the Middle Eastern region in the 1st Century. They are traditional planters hailing from the Central Kerala region. Their farm ‘THE EADENS ARECA GARDENS’ growing areca nuts, coco, vanilla and many herbs other than vast expanses of coffee over a large mountainous terrain, offers the best place to go trekking. The aroma filled air, the natural mountain streams and the picturesque scenery displays the natural beauty and tranquility of the Gods Own
Your enjoyment never stops at Eadens Hermitage. The world's oldest teak plantations of the ‘CANOLY’S PLOT’ the foremost specialty of Nilambur, is at a stones throwaway from this Homestay. A newly built popular ‘Hanging Bridge’ allows you to cross the beautiful river of ‘Chaliyar’ in to the Canoly’s Plot of teak plantation.

Strolling through the wide spreads of bamboo grooves and the butterfly park of the nearby TEAK MUSEUM gives you some of the most cherish able moments of your life.
Enjoy a relaxing bath in the fast running shallow waters of the virgin mountain streams of NEDUMGAYAM forest which is not very far from the Homestay.

Enjoy the breath taking panoramic view of the Chaliyar river from FOREST TOURIST BUNGALOW, drink in the undisturbed peace in the spread of mahogany forest and marvel at the great view of three joining rivers at CHALIYAR SANGAMAM, all at a small distance from your Homestay.